Tuesday, April 17, 2012

He is doing great things

Dear Friends,

HE has been doing great things. Though I haven’t been blogging, I have been writing. In fact, in the last week and half, I have written over 20,000 words. HE has spoken to my spirit and made it clear that I must write.

I have asked HIM what he wanted me to do to reach the most people possible for His purposes. At most, I was thinking… die as a martyr for Him or something, but a variety of experiences have led me to know what I always kind of knew… I will write.

So, I began to write, and write, and write. I wrote a series of memoirs, or rather an autobiography of pivotal memories in my existence. I expounded upon Bible verses. I wrote His story as a children’s book or rather, as a fairy tale. I brainstormed book ideas for the future. On my heart was the idea of taking people from the Bible, keeping their story, but changing their names and details and creating Fiction pieces that illustrate that He really is relevant in our lives today.

I started with the book of Ruth. I wrote the beginning of the story as I picture it would be in modern times from the perspective of Naomi. I then began writing from the perspective of Ruth. I followed that with the perspective of Orpah, Ruth’s sister, and plan to end it from the perspective of Boaz. It’s a hot mess, but I’m so glad I got started. I wrote more in this piece than I have ever written in a fiction piece before, so it doesn’t matter if it is ever published. It’s on paper (at least some of it) and that was my goal.

Other than renewing in me the desire and motivation to write, He has been doing other great things. I am going on another trip to Cambodia with my fellowship. I am excited and nervous because there will be a lot of people going. I think we are taking about 16. Five of them are teenagers and then a mixed group of adults…. This feels boring even to write. Moving on.

SHINE, our women’s ministry is opening so many doors for me to serve, doors that I have only dreamed of. A few months ago, I was asked to step up as the Pryr Leader for SHINE events, which led to me leading the Pryr team for many other major fellowship events as well. Through this, He has shown me that my primary responsibility is to pry. I can’t move mountains on my own strength, but He can and will. He commands me to pry without ceasing and it’s not an easy task. It’s exhausting but so rewarding.
I share this to show you what HE is doing. Many individuals gave their lives to Him during those events, and I got to see it happen. A friend of mine asked me to pry for her coworker, who was not in the family, throughout one of the events, and by the end of that same night, she joined the family!

Another amazing thing He has done is to provide a way for me to share what I have learned in my walk with Him and especially from my mentor and from recovery. He placed two of my friends of my heart and I finally told each of them this week that I believed I was supposed to mentor/disciple them. They were both ecstatic.  They are enthusiastically working through the step-study books with me individually.  He even used my refusal to complete my homework the other night to reveal some more of my issues. This reminds me of the painting I have at home that I painted right after college. It’s called “Perfectly Imperfect.” I’m finally okay with that!

Why is that so amazing? Well, it is because this morning I received an email from another SHINE leader, asking me if I would join the mentorship group as they prepare to launch that new ministry. Their first meeting was Monday night, at the EXACT hour I was with my friend formalizing our mentorship relationship. Does HE have amazing timing or what!? 

The Women of the Night (WON), a smaller part of our women’s ministry (specifically to prostitutes) is just getting off the ground. He placed it on another friend’s heart last year and is bringing it fruition. PTL! She has been leading women through the alley on pryr walks during the day and tonight we had an amazing meeting. She shared testimonies of other similar groups being protected by the Lrd and reaping a great harvest. We pryd together and then went on a pryr walk through the alley. This was the first time anyone one of us have gone at night when the women are working. We were looked at. We walked around the block five times, praying as we walked, but mostly singing. I was way out of my comfort zone. I was mostly anxious about what they thought we were thinking. I didn’t want them to think we were judging them or feeling superior. I just had to trust Him and we believe IT starts tonight. Their freedom in Him is on the way. The enemy’s days of reign are numbered.

What else… My kids are still awesome and I’m taking a graduate level course in Linguistics online… ::deep breath:: Yet, with all of this, this week seems to be easy so far. He has placed HIS Angel to encamp around me and given me an anointing of ease. The ease is not constant, but it is certainly more frequent these days.