Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Chapter 9: Sorry I Have Not Kept Up and and Update

Hello Everyone!

First, I am sorry I have not blogged in the last month and a half. I can't even believe it has been that long. In some ways, I feel like I stepped into a time machine and in some ways I feel like I have been here forever. The weeks are going quickly but the days are long. It is quite an interesting combination.

I feel like I have grown so much since my first month here. It was easy to write of comical novelties the first month. Everything was new and I had to laugh so I didn't cry. The second month, I was taken aback by the life He was revealing that He had prepared for me here. Friends and my fellowship filled the evenings and weekends; dinner out on Tuesdays, Ladies’ Word Study on Thursdays, Small Group on Fridays, Lunch on Sundays. I began contemplating SERVICE. Lots of laughter, lots of blessings. 

The third month... has been filled with real life. Stress about too much work and not enough time to complete the work, occasional overextension in Fellowship activities, no shortage in Divinely sent friends, sponsoring a student club, and SERVICE opportunities to work with teens, women, AND orphans popped up—all three passions I have had for some time. I had to start deciding how to spend my time wisely because I actually had stuff to do- more often than I could say yes.

Then the occasional “I NEED TO SEE MY BABIES!!!” (My nephews) where I would go crazy, missing them and my other family. Those moments were fewer and further between in the second month.

Well now, I have two amazing couples who I am friends with. Of course I am closest with the wives but their husbands have become important friends in my life too. They have also filled the need I have over here for a male presence. Someone to carry my heavy bags when shopping and to change my light bulb in the ceiling. J And of course to be the same despite my emotional turbulence at times. But on a more serious note, Christina and Mike AND Sonda and Jeff have made my life here enjoyable, not just tolerable. I love them dearly and am so glad that I was brought to China if for no other reason to gain these friends.

I have much to say and will say it soon. Although, most of it would be better suited to share when I get home over Christmas. I will be sharing my testimony and about what is happening in the places I have traveled at CRBC-CR in Dec. and at the high school EDGE Club where I taught the past three years in Jan.

I will be home on Dec. 17th!!!!!